Flat Awesome для XF 1.5.x

Flat Awesome для XF 1.5.x

Flat Awesome+ brings you a whole new level of customization's and features powered by our XenBase Framework. This next generation of Flat Awesome is the perfect compliment to our light weight but powerful framework. Aside from being on the framework we've made improvements throughout the style for a better overall experience for you and your users.

Here's just a few of the awesome features in XenBase
Off-Canvas Menu
Floating Navigation
Multiple Node/Message/Page Layouts
Easy-to-edit advanced footer with unlimited possibilities
Collapsible Elements
Progressive Development (We love adding new features to our framework which you'll get the benefits of upon upgrading)!

Flat-Awesome-1.5.3.zip [2,33 Mb] (cкачиваний: 336)

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andreygremskoy 03-янв, 2017, 15:16

1) В загрузки очень много не нужных стилей.
2) Нет именно этого стиля.
3) На этом сайте игнорят админы!

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